Inspect.js updated to start orbiting immediately


I’ve updated my modified version of inspect.js to start orbiting immediately you Alt + left-click + move your mouse; this rather than there being an annoying half second delay before first movement.

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Thank you @ctrlaltdavid, great work :). I wonder, if it could possible to use the mouse-wheel for zoom in/out while orbiting with AltGr?


With Alt + left-click-and-hold, if you move your mouse up/down you zoom in/out. Or are you thinking that could use the mouse wheel to zoom when you’re doing Alt + Ctrl or Alt + Ctrl + Shift?


Yes, when pressing the AltGr and get into the ‘independent mode’, I would very appreciate to zoom in/out with the mouse wheel. Guess it’s a behaviour I’ve trained with Blender. I often use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out and would be cooI, if that could possible in HF too. The mouse wheel is not working for me in HF while in ‘Independent Mode’ at all.


Yes, because the scroll wheel also zooms in/out not only in Blender but also in SL, so it is a common muscle memory behavior. Likewise alt-hold move mouse slews left/right and zooms up/down. alt-left-click centers on the pointer position. alt-shift-hold move mouse orbits CCW/CW left/right, up/down on up/down

Not all of the Blender and SL cam movements are identical, but a goodly number are the same or similar.


Right, good idea re mouse wheel. Funnily, I never actually used that in Second Life. I’ll see what I can do.