Inspect.js with persistent camera position


Does the camera snapping back to first person when you release the Alt key bug you? Do you instead want to leave the camera where it is? And perhaps click on another entity to continue your alt-camming?

The following modified version of inspect.js leaves the camera where it is, until you press Esc:

This modified version of inspect.js is included in the following modified version of defaultScripts.js:
Along with other scripts as specified on the following Web page:


Bless you for this. It has kept me from doing more positioning and editing on my domain.


Great stuff @ctrlaltdavid . Also @DrFran you were going to write up a worklist of what you want in the camera ;>


YaY! Much better now. And seems to work well while editing too.


One question, I do think Esc key is a good way to turn it off, but why not have the same thing happen if arrow or wasd keys are pressed?


@Twa_Hinkle Good idea! I’ll see what I can do.


Arrow and WASD keys now also exit camera orbiting, like Esc.


@ctrlaltdavid Hey, that was quick. Sometimes I didn’t realize I was in persistent camera mode and I would try to move etc. Now it works good. Thanks


Yeah, this should be native. Awesome work!