Inspecting code behind asset transfer protocol URLs


Hi Folks,
I’m having a poke about in the default “home” environment, trying to find out how things work.
If an entity has as it’s script url an asset transfer protocol url , like the desk lamp with: atp:/switches/livingRoomDeskLamp.js
Is there any way to inspect that script to see what’s going on?




Look in the directory of the sandbox install that you did. You’ll find it in the assets folder.

For example: I store mine on a different HDD than the primary OS:


Nope, I think I found the right place ( C:\Users\robin\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity\assignment-client\assets\files , the actual d:\program files\highfidelity tree doesn’t seem to have have an assets folder in it ) but grepping the contents for “function(){” showed no js in any of the files in there.

Thanks anyway,


Actually, it is a valid location. if you use the .json mapping you’ll find that you can rename the file to the proper extension (such as .js) and it will open in a code editor just fine.

Apples versus Oranges I suppose…


I believe adding a “Download Asset” button is on the roadmap (assuming you have access to add things to that Asset Server). That would hopefully get you quick access to poke around with content from the home set.

As @AlphaVersionD mentions, if you know specifically what you’re looking for you can check the map.json file to figure out which hash you’re looking for in that assets/files folder. Not very user friendly though.