Installed interface-win-2271 but client won't start



I installed the latest stable version interface-win-2271
But the client doesn’t load when I start it, nothing happens.
Also tried the latest version 2292

Windows Home Premium - Service Pack 1


I am having the same issue. I have re-installed many times, still nothing.

Dell XPS laptop
Processor: intel® Core™ i7-2670qm @ 2.20GHz
RAM: 8.0 GB
Current Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 60Hz
System type: 64 bit OS
Windows 7 home premium SP1
GPU Nvidia GeForce GT 555M
driver version 350.12 (updated today after problems started)



Make sure you have the following:



Should I post the log file for the program and where is it?

My Windows 7 Home Premium is running Intel i5 with Intel HD Graphics 3000
I went into device manager and clicked upgrade but it says I have the latest drivers for my system.




I have the same problem, installed the interface version 2307 (latest) and I can’t start it. I have a notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium, CPU Intel i7, 6 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M. Can anyone help me please?


I had the same issue with the first releases too, even when I got in it didn’t work right.


Is’nt does exist a practical solution for poor computers ? I have a netbook Hannspree with all onboard.
This highfidelity seam to be an interesting chat3d application, but if he need expensive computers to run the client, your work is without good perspective. Peoples with performant computers have other things to do than to play with highfidelity.
I tell you a secret, some situation is with JanusVR, they believe that people with performat computers will use their server. :smiley:
Well my friends developers, I will stay waiting to see yours application bak at rezonable way.


Dunno what you’re on about, all I know is it’s broke since day one.


@emar , looking at the minimum graphics requirements for Intel your card probably has issues:

@Yuso can you make sure you have the latest drivers for your card and that you are enabling the use of NVidia when you are running Interface.


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