Installing stack manager in cloud


This is my second post. The first one is about interface. I can’t make it work.
And this one about Stack Manager, wondering if will work on a cloud, so the domain can be up 24/24, anyone tried this? I will do right now, anyway :smiley:


Hi @adrian08 welcome to Alpha! Yes, you can run the stack manager in the cloud. There are some instructions on the documentation site I believe. I run about 4 servers as Centos7 and about to add 20 more. The documents show Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu instructions I believe. If you decide to install on Centos7 please feel free to reach out to me for help. It is fairly painless.


Hey nice name :slight_smile: and welcome.
I have been running adriania domain on cloud droplet for a while now and its great. I just started another one.
Check out @Coal post here
And as @VR_Architect said, feel free to reach out and ask questions, he has kindly offered to help.