Installing update launches Interface? oO


This is something I’ve noticed in the last handful of release updates. I install the new version of HiFi… and as soon as it finishes the install, suddenly the Interface (viewer) launches and takes me in world. oO Is this a bug, or a feature? oo I’d rather go in world when I choose to, not simply because I’ve installed HF again. Oo

On a different note, at connection I got a pop up error that the chat.js script couldn’t be located, or something of the sort. Did the older, Domain-specific text chat program get discontinued?


Be gratefull they don’t change it more to prevent u from leaving o.o


A plot straight out of OTHERLAND, and Log Horizon. :smiley:


I only know that the made a few decisions wrong. and i think that get fixt in next beta,

Still try to figure out if i want to use the steam version or not.
Not sure if the steam version can be used without it start steam.


I’m curious about other people’s experiences with Steam. I have Interface installed locally on my PC and I also have it installed on Steam. I’ve used the local version for world building (I shouldn’t be calling what I am doing world building, frankly) and the Steam version for when I want to use my Vive. But lately I’ve been having tons of crashes on both (build 5909). So I recently uninstalled the Steam version. But I’m still having problems with the local version - crashes on startup every time (15-20 times in last 24 hours). I’m still troubleshooting and am not sure if there was ever some type of conflict between the two versions of Interface.