Instant customised faceshifting Head plan


@chris @emily

I log into Hf It asks me if I want to create an avatar

It then uses the webcam to take 3 photos of me a front a
left and right view

I align a few points on each image, eyes nose mouth ears and

The prog whirrs away for a short time then spits out a face
shifting head

Rigged weighted and faceshifting.

I think this is doable but Phil would need to strike a deal
with the makers of this piece of software I found

It does about60% of this stuff already, a few tweaks and maybe
a hf branded version and we would be hot to trot.

The software is called Facegen

What it doesn’t currently do it rig and weight the head it
also cant export a fbx

It does export a .ma Maya file

Maya will export the fbx directly to be hooked into

If facegen had the head rigged and the blendsshapes all
named the same as faceshift

And could export a fbx, we could skip the faceshift stage as
it would just work off the correct fst file.


I couldnt believe how easy this was - its this kind of thing which will transform hf into something truly amazing!


I made a video explaining how to use Facegen and get it from there via Maya to HF
What it doesn’t cover is adding in the armature or weight painting


Thanks for the tutorial on facegen to faceshift!!! Judas as always you are very entertaining and the content of the video is AWESOME. i can’t wait to start.