Interactive VR Movie seeks live composer


We are a collective of VR storytellers currently in pre-production on a live, interactive short VR movie and we are seeking a composer, musician or DJ to create and perform an original live score.

Imagine being inside your own private movie. You meet a character who befriends you and takes you on an adventure. You interact completely naturally with this character because they are played by a live actor. And so are all the other characters you meet. You can talk to them, they talk right back to you. You can follow the characters or go wherever you want, because the story takes place in a fully 3D, Computer Generated world: the Metaverse. You become involved in an unfolding story with a beginning, middle and end. You don’t just watch the movie, you’re part of it. You follow along as your new friend leads you from scene to scene and you participate in all the action. The entire story revolves around you and everything you do or say affects how the story unfolds. It’s similar to HBO’s “Westworld”: the entire world is there for you. And unlike a video game, the characters and your interactions feel completely real and believable because this is not artificial intelligence, it’s not a video game character, it’s a real, live person.

Our ideal collaboration is with someone who has the technical experience to play live music in a VR environment and who has an understanding or interest in scoring for film. Our composer will be asked to attend a few rehearsals in VR, collaborate with the director, and perform for several live VR performances.

We are self-funded and don’t have much money to offer, but we can pay a $200 stipend/thank you, with the hope of a pay increase on future projects. We also believe that this will be a unique and exciting project, but we acknowledge that unique and exciting doesn’t pay the bills.

Still, we hope there is a good fit for us out there. If that’s you, please reach out.


Hello! I am a multi-instrumentalist with a music degree from UC Santa Cruz. I have never performed within a VR environment, but have hundreds of live performances under my belt in different genres and ensembles. I am classically trained and am a composer, songwriter, and orchestrater. My performance experience includes solo work, playing upright bass in symphony orchestras and in pits for opera and musical theater, playing guitar, bass, vocals, and keyboards in a variety of different bands and genres including, but not limited to, rock, metal, jazz, funk, and industrial/electronic music.

I’m very interested in more details and can provide more information about myself and my body of work upon request.


Hi There,

Thank you so much for your email and your interest in this project. I am in the process of talking to composers about this and I will get back to you later this weekend with more information.

Thank you,


T: 212-991-8344