Interest in a Blender Avatar creation workshop


Hi I have been talking to many folks who would like to customize their avatar beyond what is currently available from Mixamo, Morph3d etc…

I am proposing a weekly meeting in High Fidelity where we can provide support for each other and ongoing feedback through creating avatars from scratch, rigging/skinning in blender and texturing in Substance Painter.

I am by no means an pro at this, but would be happy to share my knowledge and workflows.

If you are interested, please reply to this indicating your preferred time and day… I am expecting 4-6 sessions of 1-2 hours each over the next months. (free of course)



If we could get a specific day to do those meetings I could Participate in guiding people as well,
As long as it would be in a humane hour for my time zone (GMT+2).

After all, I did write the quite extensive notes on the subject :slight_smile:


that’s awesome, Thanks Menithal! Very much appreciate your efforts to document this stuff!


I would definitely have interest. Wednesday from 10-230 would be my best times. Also flexibility on Tues and Thurs


I would be up for that , the more i learn about Blender the more i find there is to know.
one day i hope to understand what this is for


Oh I am so in :slight_smile: 8am to 12pm Pacific would be good!


Great! looks like we are getting some interest stirring up! I will see what I can do to arrange it in the events calendar and update here as well.


I would be interested.

I am available when ever :slight_smile:


I wonder if it would be possible to get something like this into a Community Events calendar for non-official HiFi community things…


Ok, so looking at our preferences, 9-10 am PT Thursdays is our best bet.

This is 12pm-1pm EST for me, and I’m guessing 5pm start GMT-ish.

I will contact Jess to mark in 8 sessions weekly starting this Thursday on the event calendar if possible unless anyone has a problem with this time, please let me know asap.

Any items you would like on the agenda?

I suggest we can rotate the location for the workshop, and have a designated fallback point if we get overloaded…



Hi :slight_smile: if i can, i coming too , i have not really hour or favorite day


I cant make it at that time so if somone can make cynical comments on my behalf and maybe use the phrase" it will never work because your neglecting to allow for normalised quaternian rotations" once in a while that woudl be terrific :slight_smile:
oh somthing about polycount if you have the time :stuck_out_tongue:


You have word I will accidentally use overly complicated words no one will understand. Sometimes even my self.


Like i suggested with something else.
It would be nice if this could be recorded with the scenery as tutorial people can always later play back

only hard to as a question. :grinning:
If i got time, it’s anyway the wrong time. Everything is always aimed on usa times.


When would be a good time for you Richardus? I have tried to find a suitable time for US and western EU, we could always have another session. In terms of recording it, I think more important is the dialog and real time feedback as we create our personal avatars, this might be hard to capture in a video, but we can certainly try.

thanks for your comments


For now am complete not in avatar stuff. So it’s not a problem for me. but there more people. And just something i notice with more things


Just checked the calendar; lunch hour on the East Coast. Nice timing. Seems like too much fun to miss! I’ll be there.


I’m hoping for a good turnout! Time to push the amazon host :wink: If there are domain issues in ‘stray’, backup location will be ‘university’

thanks everyone


Thank you so much for this informative and easy-to-follow workshop!
Looking forward to next week :sunglasses:

PS: And I really love the STRAY-dungeon too!


so…I overslept and missed this…lol =(