Interest in a Blender Avatar creation workshop


To remove the Eyelash from a Maximo FBX, here the procedure.

1- Using the Converter, Convert your Maximo FBX to FBX ASCII

2-Open the FBX ASCII file with Notepad ++, Search for the string: “Geometry::Eyelashesmesh”, "Mesh"

3- Remove this Geometry node
(From “Geometry” to the closing parenthesis (follow the red line, this is why I use Notepad++)

4- Save the file.

5- Convert the FBX ASCII to FBX BINARY using the Converter.

6- Import in HF, (Don’t forget to specify the Texture folder)



I need to cut the session to 30 minutes today, sorry folks, I will be in world 15 minutes ahead of time if you have some questions etc. .

What I would like to do, and for those who haven’t been able to make it yet due to timing, is to pick up again later this evening 4pm PST / 7pm Eastern for a couple hours.

I have had requests to start back from the basics again, so perhaps this new time slot going forward will be a good chance to do that, and possibly make it a regular thing.




Here available a standalone version of the tool to convert the fbx with the textures aside. I also added an option to remove the eyelashes geometry. So this converter is now quite straightforward.



Oh is vankh yours cool domain ! I was snooping.its like the start of a game .Did you make the self loading chat there ?



Yes, I built Vankh…(it’s a work in progress)

I coded the little Tablet based chat too. I don’t think it revolutions anything. It even supports private chat… but how useless is all this if nobody can’t get notified. I never used it with anyone :wink:

Then I coded something to display what I type over my head… Hum… that too, I never used it :wink:

Actually… I never communicate with anybody at all so far… :wink:



We should start a hermit society :smiley: a place for all the people who dont feel comfertable in crowds to make an excuse not to go to .



Can’t wait to give it a try… I have also come up with some techniques in blender to fix the weights, but if this can do it, I would love to skip all that!

thanks @Alezia.Kurdis !



Fuse to Hifi, a twisted mess with a nifty solution workaround - workflow thingy

It’s been a couple weeks of trying through High Fidelity forums ( ) and community, along with sifting scattered pearls of wisdom from the larger community, but By Jove, maybe this is it…

First, we need to look at the actual showstoppers in terms of straight export from fuse - > High Fidelity:

  • Fuse doesn’t export PBR materials to mixamo, resulting in no alpha information getting set for High fidelity shaders (black eylashes, no hair transparency), Also what this means, is a straight export from fuse will contain all the image data for 3 unused maps, and be resultingly large file size.

  • Blender FBX importer warps the weight painting, this seems basically unavoidable until blender could possibly fix it (Janky knees, elbows, armpits, chin), its a well known issue with Mixamo->blender

  • High Fidelity avatars made in fuse should take full use of the Blendshapes and auto-rigging capability of Mixamo, this means we must use Mixamo in the workflow.

For this to happen we need a 3 stage import process. Assuming you have created you character in Fuse:

Stage 1: Prepare Sources (create a folder for each source to keep it organized)

  • Save your character to Mixamo, use blendshapes and full fingers rig.

  • Queue the Character in Mixamo, use the standard .fbx, download it.

  • Back in fuse, Choose File-> Model As Obj, save it (it will save textures also, but we don’t use them)

  • Again in fuse, choose File->Export Textures , choose PBR , save those (these are the good ones, we use base for sure, others at your discretion)

Stage 2: Blender Time, we need to get the best parts of all the sources and then set up a new .fbx to run back through the Mixamo auto-rigger

  • Import the Mixamo rigged .fbx

  • Import the .obj Model to a different layer

  • Transfer the blendshapes Body, Eyelashes and ‘default’ to the OBJ version (for the facial animations)

  • To to transfer the blendshapes (shape keys in blender) select each of the .obj versions of the mesh, then select it’s counter part from the rigged FBX version. Hit ctrl-L to bring up the links, link it to the ‘object data’. Do this for body, eyelashes, and default (eyes).

  • Delete all materials from .obj version

  • Add new PBR import ready materials for each of the objects, and assign the alpha channel for the Base color map, (Use the base color maps generated from the Fuse PBR export step)

  • Export with High fidelity FBX settings (its easy to just delete everything on the layer that has the rigged (but broken) model from fuse, keep the OBJ one)

  • You should now have a model that has PBR textures, and Facial Blendshapes, ready for Mixamo

Stage 3: Mixamo Auto Rig, this time with PBR model.

  • The non-fuse FBX importer for Mixamo does not add blendshapes, but guess what? we already have them on the model, Mixamo will not break them

  • Do the Auto rigging set up, place the circles as instructed in Mixamo

  • Queue the result for download, then save it

  • Now Package the model in High Fidelity, upload the resulting .fst to your cloud and …this should be a fully working avatar with facial expressions, decent weighting, and alpha hair and eyelashes etc… the one caveat is that Hifi does not have gradient transparency at the moment, means that its either 100% clear or 100% solid, no in between.

I’m going to work on a video demo of this process shortly.

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I haven’t managed to do a decent video on the Fuse amended workflow yet (tried once and failed because I forgot an important step). now that we have a reasonable solution for Fuse imports, I want to move on to texturing our from-scratch avatars

The agenda for tomorrow will be

  • a quick walkthough of UV unwrapping,
  • material indexing in Blender
  • transport to Substance painter
  • paint the PBR textures

Hopefully we will have enough time after that to do a final import. This will be the last session in the series and also the last at the morning timeslot, after tomorrow the course will be moved to 4pm PST.

But don’t fret, next week I will be resetting the program back to the start, back to basic box modelling and rigging etc… of custom character,


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Here’s a link for a playlist on getting fuse avatars in with nice PBR textures (transparent hair + eyelashes)with no mesh deformation, with zero blender weight painting required. The process is a bit lengthy but its quite repeatable until we can get a better FBX import for blender.

I actually think my personal path is to make more custom avatars at this point without fuse/mixamo, what I have learned about the blendshapes means trying it on a custom mesh and rig…may be much easier than juggling it around with mixamo in the long term…but alas here it is, hope you all can get some benefit.

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Unfortunately I have to cancel this tonight, will pick up next week.




On tap tonight:

*Blender - box model bonanza
*Collaboration experiment brainstorm