Interesting piece from LTT on VR adoption rates


I have to admit, they do kind of raise an interesting point on this one.


Maybe another reason to not bet the farm on one basket of eggs.
Minecraft with GMod and others have millions upon millions of active users for offering fun interactive creation tools users can build on the fly without learning Maya or Blender, while Second Life is in decline for failing to update Inworld tools and is no longer a creative space for the imagination.

High fidelity seems stuck on the VR idea as if it is the most important thing.until technology progresses to the point those big ugly masks are replaced with something completely unobtrusive in terms of look and function.
I predict that day will be about 10 yrs from now in terms of uniform standards with technical maturity.

AR has a much better use case for global adaption regarding interactive digital media and social acceptance.


You not build something in 2 year that is complete and finished.

Second Life is in decline because you never can be creative there because sims are to damn expensive. On top of lots of other annouing problems.

AR, shakes haed. not so much use in that. just a gadget, if you have hardware to use it anyway.


It makes a much better use set of cases and practices.with it being more flexible to changing technology paths while VR has a more narrow technology path reinforced by the interface.

AR & Education


Lol, and how you think i get my desktop pc outside to use with AR. :grin:


Agreed, it does have it own unique set of challenge for adaptation. but it has far further advantages.


You don’t which is why Microsoft made the HoloLens to be self contained and Wi-Fi enabled. The HoloLens is a complete AR and semi VR system - built in GPU, built in hardware to discern fixed points without need for light houses, built in system to contain entire scenes, etc.

Dlodlo VR glasses have a similar feature too with their Android portable shirtpocket box, though we have not seen much of Dlodlo lately, and the ‘box’ seems underpowered.

However you want to go with VR, those myriad cables between the HMD and the driver (PC) have to go away lest it remain a niche market. Also, the first time someone launches their expensive PC onto the floor will point that out too :fearful:

Consumer VR is presently in its second hype (third if you count military use). It is only just restarting.