Interface build 2011 crashes a few moments after launch


So I tried HiFi again recently, and it still had an inability to connect to any domain, as per usual.
However, this connection-dropping would eventually lead to Interface crashing, which was new.

Today, I tried build 2011, and now I can’t even use it for a bit, as it crashes shortly after launch.
I can’t tell if this is caused by the connection issue, or if this is something similar to that issue I had a while ago. That time, it was caused by not having a microphone connected to the computer. However, I have a webcam plugged in now, so it can’t be that?


@NETVERK Windows 2011 build is working OK for me. Try deleting (or renaming if you want to keep a copy just-in-case) your C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity\interface.ini file. Deleting this file starts you with a clean slate which quite often fixes start-up problems.


I deleted all the things in AppData, and the folder in Documents too, as that was my first idea. However, I did it again just then, and it’s not crashing instantly now! Thanks thanks :v

I still have connection issues, but I’ll make a new thread as the console text is different to before.