Interface cache [Please Support]


Hello to all,
sorry maybe stupid quest, but no found any suggest around …

Please i appreciate any hu can tell me how i can clear the interface cache, because is up to 1.9 GB and i not find any way to clear or reset it …
Try commnad to reload cache, but no actions taken on my cache that remainover 1.8 gb.

Many thanks


You can find it under the developer menu:

After pressing it, the cache will be cleared.
Just make sure to be in an Empty domain, such as Empty, as otherwise it will get refilled with all the assets in the domain (so avoid places such as hq/playa or even your own sandbox).

Additionally, if using windows you can do this manually by going to


and then deleting the data8 folder. That contains the interface asset cache. Cache folder it self contains the web-browser cache. The Reload content button in the Developer Menu basically does the same thing, but if you do it manually, you have to reset the client.

Just note that doing this will cause you to download absolutely everything again.