Interface crash at startup when you used htc vive before and


Ok, i now can confirm why interface crash, It’s a bug ! :innocent:
If i use interface.exe with the htc vive. then close interface but keep HMD mode enabled and not switch back to the better desktop mode.

If you then close steamVR because it’s not needed at all. and then start interface it’s crashing ! it keeps crashing until you turn steamVR on. switch back to desktop mode. logout and shutdown steamVR.


I’m having some type of Interface / htc vive conflict as well. Interface only runs if I have the vive unplugged. Once I plug in vive, interface crashes every time. Trying to troubleshoot now.


Hello, I apologize, I am terribly new. this post seems to pertain to a problem I am currently having. Unfortunately I am having some trouble understanding what it is you are saying. what precisely am I to do if interface crashes every time I have the vive plugged in? i am running it via steam currently.


Try uninstalling from steam and running as desktop only. I think I responded to another one of your posts about my own process in more detail. You can also search these forums for this topic, there is some good documentation from a few different users on vive, steam and HiFi.