Interface crash on exit Windows 10



Intermittent crash on closing Interface (Windows 10 x64)

Stack trace:

Qt5OpenGLd.dll!5612539a() Unknown
[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for Qt5OpenGLd.dll]
Qt5OpenGLd.dll!5611605b() Unknown
Qt5OpenGLd.dll!56125303() Unknown
Qt5OpenGLd.dll!561192c1() Unknown
> interface.exe!WindowOpenGLDisplayPlugin::makeCurrent() Line 52 C++
interface.exe!OpenGLDisplayPlugin::preDisplay() Line 27 C++
interface.exe!Application::paintGL() Line 1201 C++
interface.exe!GLCanvas::throttleRender() Line 119 C++
interface.exe!GLCanvas::qt_static_metacall(QObject * _o, QMetaObject::Call _c, int _id, void * * _a) Line 81 C++
Qt5Cored.dll!50f7fbbd() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50f8113b() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50f7f611() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!51045229() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50f95ebe() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50f8113b() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50f35788() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!5108a967() Unknown
Qt5Widgetsd.dll!51d3473e() Unknown
Qt5Widgetsd.dll!51d30b99() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!5108a967() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!51058f43() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50f35017() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50f3d2d9() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50fcf418() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50fcd04d() Unknown
[External Code]
Qt5Cored.dll!50fcdb4e() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50c268bd() Unknown
Qt5Cored.dll!50c1d73f() Unknown
Qt5Guid.dll!5147429d() Unknown
Qt5Guid.dll!514706bd() Unknown
Qt5Guid.dll!51470282() Unknown
qwindowsd.dll!QWindowsGuiEventDispatcher::sendPostedEvents() Line 82 C++
Qt5Cored.dll!50fcd000() Unknown
[External Code]

Seeing this in binary build 2988 - leaves “ghosted” interface.exe process that has to be killed via task manager.


@chris As far as I can tell this crash only occurs if you at some point during run make interface the non active window. 100% reproduction method here;

Open Interface
Select another application as active
Return to Interface
Close Interface

If I never leave Interface during its run it doesn’t exhibit crash on close.