Interface crash on Mac computers


Hi! I’ve just been accepted into the alphas. I ran HiFi and the interface slows down to non-responsiveness after a short period and stops rendering. Infact anything rendered is then de rendered. How can I get HiFi to work properly on my system?

I’d provide logs if I knew where they were located for HiFi.


Hello, i have the self problem, Interface not working, yesterday yes


People are reporting that client version 2043 works on the Mac, so it may be worth downloading that.

I have got 2046 working on my Mac, but the level of detail is not playing nicely and entities are not rendering fully for me, if they render at all, but I’m not crashing.


Thank you, i have load and its work:)


Where are you downloading the builds from? I’m self-compiling the software since i can’t find the download links.


I found the downloads and ran build 2046, same thing except the application actually crashes instead of stops rendering or handling keyboard input.