Interface Crunchieness on Linux?


Curious question, but is there any specific procedure for bug / crash reporting for the interface under Linux? I seem to be suffering quite a few crashy UI instabilities (mainly centering around the preferences dialogs and web based stuff such as the examples window), but I’m afraid I have no idea where or how I can report these things. These issues have been going on for some months now and seem to persist across several different distros (Ubuntu 15.10, 16.04, and OpenSuse Leap). As far as I can tell Windows and Mac seem to use something called bugsplat, but that doesn’t seem to be included in the compile it yourself variation?


You can file bug reports in
There’s also a forum thread - - for discussion about bugs.

I don’t know of any Linux-specific bug report procedure. BugSplat is a pop-up dialog that appears (most of the time) when on official Windows or OSX builds crashes; it doesn’t work in self-compiled Windows / OSX builds either.


Thanks David. I’ll be sure to check those out when I get back home from the beach. :smiley:


Yay! Bug report submitted. :blush:


The situation of running Interface on Linux is still just as bad in latest Git master: You first need to remove & from build/interface/plugins if you even wish to hope not getting an immediate crash! Even after that, other components will crash the process before a window even appears. Here’s my latest log of that: