Interface doesn't completely exit when I hit the X to quit


Okay, this has been going on for weeks and weeks. I can quit from the main Interface window by hitting the red X on the upper right, but the Local Chat window stays up, plus whatever other Interface windows I had open (say, the LOD slider thingy). The only way out of it is to go into Task Manager and kill the task from there. Evidently the exit-out-of-it routine is getting hung up somewhere, because it also never saves out the changes I made in the size and position of the main window from earlier in the session, either. How would I go about discovering what’s borked here? This doesn’t seem to spawn a send-the-bug-info window.


I had that, tried to update the viewer earlier but it wouldn’t let me
something running that wasn’t obvious in task manager.
Life is 2 short to reboot


Yes same here for me. Some .js and/or QML stuff seems to not exit correctly. But on at least one occasion nothing was visible and Interface was still running in win task manager processes.

But stopping process tree seems to always work and not require reboot for me, at least lately.


Just did bumped into same problem in some way. interface where still running when everything where closed.

We sometimes here say “Put thing in the computer is easy, get it out is hard” :wink: