Interface Dropping in and out maybe solution?


Interface was fading in and out a lot of times so judas said you might want to try reinstalling it just in case as I had tried everything else like resetting computer/net and shutting down programmes and such

it did seem to fix the issues but here it goes after you update a few times it seems to have the same problem
so a clean installation seems to be the only solution and I did try and delete the configuration settings first

I’m wondering with all the crashing sometimes and the updates I’m wondering if the information gets corrupt as I have an SSD or this could just be it generally does

has anybody had any similar issues like this it’s not like my connection is too bad it just happens sometimes

I’m running Windows 8.1 64bit


I have this happen too, but its solely due to my connection just dropping out literally (packets lost, etc)


I have been whining about this problem since like, the middle of last year.
I don’t know any means of fixing it.


I’ve reported the same problem a couple of days ago… I can’t stay connected to any domain for more than maybe 20 seconds, making that a complete show-stopper for me…


What happens if you run a stack manager on the same machine you are using Interface on and connect to it? Also what is your log saying?


I’ve been talking to a couple of people about these issues and people seem to have similar issues in general uninstalling the program then reinstalling seems to help every time there is an update for me

I do have the Stack Manager but I don’t have it loaded