"Interface.exe Has Stopped Working" Troubleshoot Assistance


Greetings! As the title denotes, upon installation of the latest stable and even the previous interface client, I am receiving the message, “interface.exe has stopped working.” If this information is at all useful, I am using the Windows 7 operating system. I’ve read on this forum, that other users are experiencing this issue as well. If you happen to know of any fix, I am all ears. To those that take the time to read and reply, I really appreciate your assistance. Thank you.


Try uninstalling the interface. Then copy and past this %APPDATA% into the "Search Programs and file"
This should bring up your \AppData\Roaming folder . Then find and delete the High Fidelity folder. You have to do this to all the other folders in \AppData\Local\High Fidelity.
You are probably having problems because the configuration or Information files have been screwed up.


Hmm, I seem to still be having trouble with this. Have any more applicable solutions in mind?


Yes. Search for a interface.lock.ini (or something like that, with the word lock in it) file and delete it.


As @subongo and @DrFran suggested, first remove the

The .lock file in (Config file also if you want to be extra sure)

%APPDATA%/High Fidelity

Clear the folder in

%APPDATA%/../Local/High Fidelity/Interface

Once that is done, try running again.
if the client crashes on the next startup then look at

%APPDATA%/../Local/High Fidelity/Interface/Logs

And report what the reads. It would also help the developers to know what sort of system you are running on.

Hopefully that helps to pin point the cause.