Interface.exe keeps hidden running after shutdown


It happens now many times that when i shutdown i cannot start a new interface.exe because the old one is still running in the background.

So far it seems to happen if i have extra windows open like log window or entity edit.


The, what I call a bug, still persists that if you have any extra windows open when closing main Interface GUI window that it will hang. This was reported months ago - saw some effort to correct in GIT that went nowhere.

I thought there was a worklist item for it, but, if so it was closed or timed out as many do.


I need to sit for it on better time and day, and do it slowly so i can post the steps the need to do.


@chris @Richardus.Raymaker

Steps to reproduce on Windows 7 - latest interface build.

Open interface.
Click edit enable - noting that edit properties window is open
MINIMIZE editor properties window.
Close interface with upper right corner X box
Interface remains running - previously you had a better clue as it left console window.

The key here is that if you minimize an “accessory” window and close interface while it’s active you no longer see Interface running in task bar or have an obvious way to get to minimized windows to close.

Subsequent launches will fail as, to it, Interface is already running. Eventually you reboot or look at task manager/kill ghosted Interface process and Interface works again.


I don’t use minimize of the main window. but i click other programs on top. and i have noticed that when i click on the interface button toi bring it to the front it happens not with some programs. blamed the 2 screen setup for it too. but now i read your steps, there must be something else. the strange thing. Other windows go fine It’s the main interface.exe window thats a bit naughty sometimes.


It’s all part of the same problem, I think, I just wanted to give simple reproduction step. It all involves how an application terminates when child windows are open. Interface is, apparently, not accounting for child windows/elements thus blocking application from ending even if the, should be, root/parent element is closed.


Thanks @OmegaHeron I reproduced that, will pass it along.