Interface .ini files and Configuration for Multiple Avatars


I have two accounts for alpha testing, and was a bit surprised that when I logged on via the Interface on the same computer that my setup was identical to the previous avatar rather than showing as the defaults again as I anticipated. Of course I realize that, at the moment, the .ini file and Interface configuration is actually unique only to one computer and not to the avatar/login account at all. Unless you export and import setting to other systems you have to start afresh on each computer and synchronization is not done.

It may be time soon to start to look at persistent settings for each avatar/account/persona such that on login on any computer at any time the last saved appearance, settings, attachment and .ini settings are all carried over.


This is a great suggestion, and well crafted feature request. I’d love to see a job up on for this :wink:


Done @G, as

Persistent settings for each avatar/account/persona


Beautiful! Thanks for the undivided participation – big help to us :slight_smile: