Interface instantly crashes on Linux


For what has now been almost an year, it’s impossible to run Interface on Linux. No matter what you do, there are multiple crashes on startup, and the program simply cannot be started. Seeing how this is still the case in latest master, I think there needs to be a thread and bug report about it. Needless to say, the crashes still occur with fresh settings… they happen on self-compiled Hifi from latest Git master, and my distribution is openSUSE Tumbleweed.

First of all, to even attempt starting Interface, you need to remove the following files from build/interface/plugins: + They will immediately cause a crash if they are present. After removing them, Interface gets a little bit further… however it still crashes before the main window appears due to other reasons. Here is a log of the current crash, with the two libraries mentioned above removed:


Hey @MirceaKitsune . I am a linux user and prefer it over win, does HiFi run on Linux?


Hi. Like I said in my post, no, not by far; HiFi instantly crashes on startup, not for one but for many reasons.



To be fair - it does not instantly crash on open on all Linux systems. It runs as well as one could realistically expect on my Alienware Laptop with GTX660M GPU and Ubuntu 16.04. What I’m saying is not intended to minimize or bury your valid complaint, but, simply to point out that Interface does run on Linux without major incident in some cases.

Looking at your pastebin log snip - that looks like it’s crashing just as it attempts to open your GPU.


That’s understandable. Though at the same time surprising, granted it’s rare for software to crash on some Linux distributions but not others. Unless it’s an issue with finding library paths (eg: /lib64 vs. /usr/lib) or compiling against specific package versions, where if anything this would be the later case. It would be nice if any of the developers were also using openSUSE, and got to test HiFi on it at least occasionally.