Interface is changing windows playback default device and ignores the correct setting and still use the correct device at the same time


WHere playing music with VLC. and i started interface.exe. You would think no problem the use both my digital out. Well the do… and the dont do.

Interface is changing my default device in windows to SPEAKERS and still playing sounds to the digital out. But meanwhile my default device is changed in windows and i ose playback of other application.

This is the setting before i start interface.

This are the settings in high fidelity.

This the setting after interface is started in windows.

Image 1

But it need to stay at my digital output like you see below when high fidelity is not running…But high fidelity is changing that to the setting you see in image 1.

Image 2

Note, Steam(VR) is not running at all with this test !
When i close interface the sound device get restored to the correct one.


This bug keeps me at times i want to try something to use interface. because music is playing at the same time. Checked it again steamVR is not running !


Interface is set to View in desktop mode.
Avatar -> Vive controllers -> render hand controllers is checked.

  1. Make sure steamVR is not loading automatic at boot of system.
  2. Make sure steamVR is not automatic loading when you start interface.exe
  3. Open windows playback device
  4. Start as music with VLC player.
  5. In VLC player i lose my audio device. lucky in FS it keeped working this time.
  6. Open interface.exe and the input device change.

New Note:

Interface.exe is also changing the recording device.
For some reason interface is using the steamVR settings while steamVR is not running !