Interface lag - Item disappear - Unable to use interface smooth


Hi guys! We’re two students from computer science university in Bologna (Italy).
We’re working on a project with HiFi but we’ve experienced some lag problems since few months (We started when HiFi was alpha version).

To understand the problem check this video demo:

It works like a charm in the beginning, then lag starts at 1:05.

This is the stats:

This is log + Windows 10 system log:

HiFi log prints LOTS of

[06/29 17:55:38] [DEBUG] DEADLOCK WATCHDOG WARNING: lastHeartbeatAge: 413964 elapsedMovingAverage: 24789 maxElapsed: 2748865 PREVIOUS maxElapsedAverage: 24783 NEW maxElapsedAverage: 24789 ** NEW MAX ELAPSED AVERAGE ** samples: 20176

When I log in, it usually works for some minutes, then I must set “Manually adjust level of detail” to avoid items disappearing.

This is CS lab connection down/up:

I set interface.exe on “High performance NVIDIA” on Nvidia panel control:

This problem happens also with a Macbook Pro with Retina screen, but not with older Macbook Pro with classical screen. Could it be something related with High-DPi monitors?

Notebook : HP OMEN Notebook PC 15
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit
RAM : 16GB
Video : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M - (02/06/2016)
Intel® HD Graphics 4600 - 1920 x 1080 - (18/11/2015)
HiFi build : 5081
Domain ID : 6498c6af-7efd-49dd-a06d-fe757c87d080

Let me know if I have to provide more infos.
Thanks for your support. It’s vital to pass our exam :slight_smile:


I have no clue what them warnings are

With your laptops you could just be running at to high-resolution

What version of the drivers Nvidia/Intel are using as well you could try and run renderStats.js That will tell you more information

Make sure the interface is using Nvidia graphics not Intel to

There is more helpful information from Caitlin here about building in general but I don’t know if that’s going to help you


Hmmm, does it only start lagging when you’re actively interacting with things using your scripts? If you just stand in that room and look around, does the performance drop by itself? Are any of the objects that you’re creating particularly complex? It looks like it only starts lagging once you click on that table and the food appears.


I made some new video demo for you, without interacting with scripts.

  1. ‘Go Home’ and model loading.
    It starts and LoD decreases quickly.
    At 1:32 I set details at 1.00 (max) and it’s smooth
2) Edit mode overlay open. It’s very laggy.
3) Playa test. It’s laggy :frowning:

@SamGondelman When I click on the table I move the barman and beer+dish that were under the floor. In the demos they’re already on the table (in the scene)

@MichelleLeckrone I put Nvidia/Intel drivers detail in my original post. In these demos you can see renderStats infos.
Interface uses Nvidia graphic according to setting (look at last screenshot in my original post).


I lag after i order pizza also :blush:


Logged in. Went to the model.

  • Stood without moving.
    From 00:12 to 10:05 - No lag. Nothing happens

  • Turn around. New objects loaded.
    At 10:36 it decreased LoD without doing anything. No lag
    At 11:00 I set LoD to normal (1.0). No lag

Lag starts at 11:38 without haven’t done anything :confused:


Hmmm, ok, very strange. I’ve put up an internal bug report for it and we’ll look into it!


New Test:
Big house model deleted.
New lighter big model imported (but invisible)
Lots of items removed. Make them invisible (most of them).
Background removed.

Interface.exe CPU at 50/60%
Memory at 600-700MB
Notebook fans at max
but timing ok.

Log never stops spamming Debug entries.

After some minutes it starts lagging (see graph in the screenshot):