Interface on windows without a build environment


To get the interface running on a windows pc without a development environment it looks like you need the following:

Create a folder and copy the following items into it

  • Interface.exe (from your build, either debug or release)
  • resourcefolder with all contents (from where the interface.exe was built)
  • freeglut.dll
  • libgmp-10.dll
  • libgnutls-28.dll
  • libhogwed-2-5.dll
  • libnettle-4-7.dll
  • qxmpp0.dll (when using a release build, make sure to change the configuration of your build to use the qxmpp0.lib instead of the qxmpp_d0.lib)
  • qxmpp_d0.dll (when using the default debug build)
  • zlib1.dll

The qxmpp*.dll is needed to be able to chat.

Furthermore a prereq for the interface to run is that you have qt5 installed.

Also if you see errors like this in the console:
QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function SSLv23_client_method
QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function SSL_CTX_new
QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function SSL_library_init
QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function ERR_get_error

Then install openssl:

After that you can actually login if you have a login.

So far it seems this is the minimum to get it running. (with qt5 being the biggest bulk to install)

Hope this is usefull for people trying to get a friend in to show off the world :wink: