Interface Problem


I have my HF account a few years, now that i hear so much promising news how far it developed, i wanted to look in again…
… but i cant even log in…
My Account is workin just fine, i checked it via web… but the Interface is not working for me.

i see the words " LOG IN " on the interface, but i can not click them ? the only response to my mousepointer comes audible as a click sound from hovering over mute, keep me logged in, and “no thanks, take me inworld”… well thats not what i want… just meant to log in…

are there any graphic hardware requirements to get the interface to work at all ?


Our apologies for this!

The best place for an answer would be emailing your message to

You can find our system requirements here.


Oh… nothin to apologize for, :smiley:
I am sure its just one of those little murphys law nags that technology serves us every now and then :laughing:

anyway… i did send a mail to support… might even turn out that i have to fix something on my system…

…but Thanks a lot for your fast and friendly response :smile: … yayyy someone heard me… LOL

i will write another post once i find out what to do…


Hey, did you find anything out?


Hi Vinny :slight_smile:
Yeah… a while later i got mail from Support… anything below a Geforce 970 is simply no longer supported… and to look in to specific issues what it could be on a lower spec card (mine is a 660) non supported hardware… would be way too complicated…

oh well… thanks for asking anyway :slight_smile:

have a good time…