Interface startup. window always placed left , bottom . not centered screen


WHen interface start i notice that the window is placed wrong. I can click full window so it’s fine. But the next startup it’s moved again. This is how it looks when i start interface.


Reported as bug some time ago - interface only remembers/restores last not maximized window position. For instance, size window to approximately 1/2 screen size - then maximize and quit Interface. On restart it will restore as not maximized size. Extra credit… there seems to be an issue where, at one time, maximized state was recorded/persisted and restored. If you have a ini file where it was preserved it continues to restart Interface with maximized window (maximized window not full screen is what we’re talking about here ). If, at some point you begin anew with a clean config or none at all - maximized window is not subsequently restored.


I moved the window in not maximized mode. It where also way to big. for soem reason it did not calculated my start menu in the size so it wned under it. i made it smaller. , close it then start it. Now it’s at least in the center. But not maximized !


I’m agreeing with you - that’s broken. I just gave a reproduction case, steps and will hope it, eventually is repaired.