Interface UI Issues: Build 3345 (Win)


Windows 10:

Just some left over code: The Packager under Tools > Package Model still gives access to packaging avatars with

  • Avatar Head Only
  • Avatar Body Only
  • Avatar Body with Head

Could just be simplified to Avatar.

Second Issue that keeps bugging me:

Typing into the avatar field immediately begins to load up the next avatar. Please make it wait until user has finished typing for a few seconds.


Is there a use case where someone would just do the head only? I personally have only ever used full avatar body with head.


They removed that option from the new clients since… Summer.


So the head only doesn’t actually do anything if I am following you correctly, because I still see the options for those and more in today’s client. I noticed they a while back removed it from preferences, but wasn’t sure if it was useful in another area I don’t touch.