Interface Vive Problems Jitter Avatar Movement


I’ve been dealing with this problem for quite a while now simply when you move your head you get judder now I was thinking it was a general graphics problem but I think it’s a bit more than that

Recently you could have the new collisions without doing it manually now if you try it out for yourself go to a table you will notice your avatar gets pushed away once you reach out for the objects On the table

Now this is a theory

Now what I actually think is happening is there’s objects on the ground Interacting with your avatar causing the jitter of fact when you turn when you’re wearing your headset

Give this a try next to an object and seeing if you get the same problem particularly this sign you have to get pretty close to it in Playa


You not mean the shaking when you resize a small cube so you end inside the cube. It’s hard to recover from that ‘shaking’ bug. unless you find a way to move the cube away from your avatar.

I did see the same problem with the dragon. Somthing todo with the collision hull you get stick in and start a conflicting endless collision…


This happens because of an incorrect implement of physics collision in HF. Collisions should occur on the outward facing normal side and not on the inside.