Interface with LeapMotion on Linux


Okay so, I made the leap and ordered one of those LeapMotion gyzmos that’s due to be here any week now (thank you Amazon free shipping). In preparation for its arrival I’ve installed the drivers and the SDK, and I’m currently trying to get the interface to build against the SDK… However cmake keeps telling me it can’t find LEAPMOTION_INCLUDE_DIRS and LEAPMOTION_LIBRARIES. I’ve tried both exporting both environment variables as well copying the lib and include folders from the SDK into the interface’s externals folder however regardless its never able to find LEAPMOTION_LIBRARIES.

Am I maybe missing something or… Derp?


So, it took a bit of cmake hackery to get it to find the Leap SDK but I finally got it to go. Mainly from the looks of it things were wired in for Windows and Mac, but skipped searching for the x86 / x64 lib folders completely on the “unix” target.

So yay! Pretty cool in that I seem to be able to animate my hands (sorta) with it. Although after tinkering with the demos it came with I was kind of hoping it would be a little more interactive by way of letting me grab and move things in the scene.


Try editing the entity and making it able to be grabbed by default is off.

after doing so, be certain to ‘tab-out’ or the setting won’t stick.

REJOICE! You’re item is now LeapMotion compatible.


Huh… Maybe I’m missing something? I’m able to grab and move things with my mouse but all I seem to be able to do is wiggle my hands and arms around with the Leap. Am I maybe missing a script or running the wrong one?