Intermittent ICE Server Failure


Started happening with build 4614

The bug in which Interface does not connect to a place name is back. I can connect via localhost but not to my place names. The place names do appear in the directory: spiritmoving, conferencing. I can connect to sandbox, hq. Tried music, and that took over 30 seconds.

I tried 4441, an old release, same problem, so something might have gone awry with the STUN and ICE servers.

Looks like it is working again as of 9:45PM PDT

Frak, it is happening again. I can reach my domains via IP address but not by using the place names to them. 4/5 6:30AM PDT

BTW, interface does not accept IPv6 addresses.

[edit 4]
Looks like it’s an ICE server failing from time to time (as reported here: . I changed the title of this bug report, deleted the log since it’s not needed anymore.

[edit 5]
Problem resolved
(can’t believe I have to use the forums as a bug tracker)