Internal data recording



In some cases it is useful to record a set of parameters in a session. It could be e.g. the spatial coordinates describing the movement (x,y) of avatars, flags (commands to avatars or answers from the avatar to the system).
In other applications (e.g. flight simulators) those recorded parameters for whole session can be exported in a analyse software (e.g.) Matlab in order to plot, analyze, evaluate etc. That can provide interesting and useful information about the physical behaviors and problems in a VR world. E.g. it is possible to point out bottlenecks.

It also would be interesting to create a graphical with selected parameters monitoring panel to use online during the session.
How can that be done with existing means?

A related question is the need to replay a recorded session or/and let some automatic avatars walk in the virtual space in order to simulate, test, evaluate different use scenarios.