Internet Crashing when launching Interface


Every time i launch the interface and login my Modem appears to crash. I’m user as to why. I have verified that it is launching the interface that does this, I have sandbox running and not problems until i launch the interface to try to enter the sandbox. Anyone else having this issue? Could it be my ISP doing something fishy?


That’s usually a sign of a modem/router that’s choking on high rate UDT packets - a year+ ago mine would do so and I had to replace it. You would think that Interface connecting to Sandbox all on same machine would do so over localhost net, but, alas, it doesn’t so it still can bork things if you have a modem/router that can’t cut it.


Yep that was it, GOnna have to replace my Modem, threw my Sandbox on my Azure VM for now and the issue is resolved. Thank you Omega.