Intressting: How do domain owners ban people when there no user name log on the domain


Intressting problem, What if domain owners want to ban or block people.

There’s no list of user names that are on your domain.
There’s no Blacklist anyway !

Are people now forced to always join a group before the can enter domains ? You can bet things head into this direction !

But still there’s no easy way to know who where on the domain and who did what. You not see user names inworld, you not see them on users.js i think. You not see anything.

Time to look worried ? :scream:


I think you can ‘kick’ them from your domain.

After that they cannot return.


You expect you see them.
And that your around at that moment.

But what , if you need to ban someone you not see ?
Hmm, mabye better the question. how wrong can things go ?

Possible i make a think error and you need to work always group based. But then you limit access. But without group access it’s hard to block someone.

Example, you see a “griefer” , but you cvannot kick it from my domain. i think that does not work. So you cannot see the name to of that user.

How can you ever ban soemone then ? Besides there’s no blacklist option so far i see.


First thing I would do is not allow anonymous users to connect so they have to login to High Fidelity first. That way there is a name to ban.


I’m dredging this topic up because I saw an interesting change to interface 6066. The ability to ban by a machine fingerprint is quite nice. It is a little harder to mess around with the MAC address and it keeps the user anonymous. Of course, if your kid gets on your computer and causes enough ruckus to get your computer banned, well, that’s another story :fearful:

•Ban only by machine fingerprint, when possible

the real benefit here is if several machines are behind a router, we don’t ban them all. Also, if you want to unban someone, you don’t need to know their ip and MAC address too – just the machine fingerprint.