Introducing Avatar Scripts


We’ve recently introduced Avatar Scripts-- these are handy scripts which load and run when an avatar is worn, and unloaded when you take the avatar off. These can be handy scripts for things like moving hair using the flow script, or particles or really anything else that can bring extra vitality to your avatar!

Here’s some basics on the feature:

To add an avatar script to your avatar, just create a folder in the path of your avatar, and select it in the Package Model tool, seen here:

When packaging your model, the tool will iterate through the directory and add each script to the FST. Upload the folder structure to your server and you’re good to go! Your avatar scripts should load and unload each time you wear or remove the avatar.

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But how to create that script? I want to make a flow bones.


I second this!!
A working template flow.js script in which I could paste my JSON data generated by the flowapp.js would be fantastic :purple_heart: :dancer: :sunglasses:


Looks like it works fine. Thanks!


This example script doesn’t work: