Introducing HFC Bonus Incentives for Creators Through January 2019


If you submit items to the Marketplace and have them approved for distribution through the Marketplace before February 1, 2019, you can earn extra HFC! Please note that items must be listed > 0 HFC to qualify for a bonus.

HFC Bonus Amount Characteristics of Marketplace Item
1,000 Mesh
1,000 Holiday or Event-themed
2,500 Functional interactive script
15,000 Spot bonuses for our favorite submissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an item receive a bonus amount for each category if it qualifies?

Yes! For example, if an item has a Mesh, a holiday theme, and a functional interactive script, you will receive 4,500 HFC.

What qualifies as a “holiday” or “event” themed item?

Periodically we will announce an event or particular theme. If you create an item related to one of these, you will automatically receive the theme bonus.

When will I receive my bonus for an item?

Payments will be distributed the first Friday of every month to creators through an automatic system that will deposit HFC directly to creators’ High Fidelity account once their item has been approved and added to the Marketplace.

How will the “spot bonus” submissions be determined?

We don’t know until we see them! That’s part of the fun. Either way, creators get rewards as long as the item meets the other criteria. Our favorite items will also come with some shoutouts and recognition for High Fidelity, including kudos from Philip Rosedale.

Don’t see an answer to your question?

Email and ask! We’re here and happy to help.

We look forward to seeing what you add to the Marketplace!


Cool Beans. I love when High Fidelity does these. I have been meaning to submit more to the Marketplace and tackle new subjects, like functional interactive scripting. HFC bonuses and a deadline make it feel fun, like a game, except there is real value.


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