Introduction to scripts in High Fidelity (Video)


This video offers…
A short hands on run thru of some scripts and where to find some things associated with the scripting in Hifi.
An intro to the consol, logs and API
A short explanation of how the inworld script editor functions.
A quick case study of movingVoxel.js

This video was made some time ago and I didnt get a chance to upload it due to priorities, so as usual part of the content has changed, specifically the introduction of the Enter key opening the new location window.

In the video I mentioned CTRL/SHIFT/L will open the position locator, this no longer works.

Now we use Enter then prefix the location with a slash /.
For example, If I want to go to corner of the domain I would press Enter then type /1,1,1 then Enter again.

All scripts are using javascript syntax.

the video

the referenced greenGables script

list of example scripts and all the code