Invisible entities dont respond to mouse


This used to work.
Putting a scripted invisible entity anywhere I needed like a button or such, but now the mouse click and hover are ignored if the object is set to invisible. Setting the entity to visible defeats the purpose. Is this is a bug or intended behavior?


I don’t know whether or not if it’s intended behaviour. However, a possible (interim?) work-around may be to set visible: true and alpha: 0.


How do I set a box entity alpha setting, I didnt know there was an alpha setting.


@Adrian Sorry, I was thinking of overlays for the alpha property.

The stopwatch in the Marketplace (in source control under /unpublishedScripts/marketplace/stopwatch/) uses a transparent FBX model that is placed on top of the stopwatch buttons to intercept clicks.

Note: The stopwatch on the Marketplace appears to be broken (at least when run on latest master): when you click the primary button the hands don’t start moving. However, you can hear the ticks start/stop which indicate that mouse clicks are being intercepted OK.


This used to work with invisible boxes.
I appreciate your trying to help but I have stuff all over Hifi that utilizes an invisible box to receive clicks and they have recently stopped working.
I have been in Hifi too long to just go and change years worth of work without hearing the official answer.

Thanks David but this is probably just a bug, it might get fixed, I might get an official answer (not holding my breath).


I can somewhat see having non-visible (via the visibility checkbox) be a call to avoid an object from being intractable (as a cheap and simple way of toggling it), but I do agree there should be an alternative solution if this was an intended case, as it removed many key points where having something not visible but still interactable was a desired effect.

The most elegant solution could be one of the following:

  • Alpha property for entities that adjusts the transparency of an object, but still leaves it to be interactable.
  • A flag like ‘always active’ such that even the visible flag cannot interfere.