Inworld computer


I developed an inworld computer that works in OpenSim ( ) and I want to port it to HF.

The program uses the OpenStack API to create an instance. Then ask to OpenStack the console url and set it in a multimedia face.
Periodically the token must be changed so I need to get a new console url via rest api.

Now we can play games or use OpenOffice inworld!

I have those questions:

  • can I have an “object” inworld that stores some strings like “notecards” in OpenSim?
  • can I do rest api get/post/put/delete from inside HF to outside?
  • can I set a face of an object as a internet browser with javascript support?
  • Is there any tutorial about how to program in HF?

Thank you

  • Yes, you can store strings in an Entity (The term we use for an object in domain, domain being the server) using the field userData.
  • Yes, You can use the standard XMLHttpRequest JS Object that comes with Qt Javascript
  • Not Exactly, but there is a ‘Web Entity’ that basically is a QtBrowser allowing for browsing of the internet within the client
  • Not Yet, Everything is in Flux, and Everything is in progress, but one resource is the and another is the github of the High fidelity project

You can also checkout the Primer I wrote a bit ago on Hifi-JS if you have prior JS knowledge.

I Hope that Helps :slight_smile:


The general answer to your questions is “Yes, except with difficulty” and that includes documentation. HF is still new (truthfully it is late alpha in many regards with shining beta status for a few things like audio and scene render). Things are still in flux. Most important is that scripted acess to almost everything uses an asynchronous model which is quite foreign to the mostly-synchronous scripting people are familiar with in SL style virtual worlds.