Is a cache a store of assets on my computer?


If so why does it take twenty minute’s to load all my assets?
If not why don’t we have one?

Whenever I raise this question i get an answer about something about Dropbox not doing something.

Either the models are cached on my pc or not why would what drop box does make a difference?

I have the best part of 5 gigs of assets on my domain
its insane to load them all from the intrwebs every time…


I watched the log as everything loaded on my domain, its defiantly pulling everything from the web not a cache.


Yes, it’s been doing that for months, also reported as a bug.


The client will respect whatever cache headers the webserver sends us.

Dropbox’s public links send cache-control: max-age=0 which tells HTTP clients explicitly not to cache the file, resulting in a download of the asset every single time.

For large assets that could take a while to download, Dropbox is likely a poor choice unless they offer you a way to change that header.

I’d suggest leveraging ATP with your local asset-server. We will soon be doing an audit on ATP to fix a couple of bugs I believe are still out there. Will ATP, if your client has the file in its cache, it will never re-download it from the asset-server.


I do not use dropbox at all. I will check the caching header on my WEB server nd report back.


I’ve watched it on my web server - yes, it requests asset then gets back unchanged use cache response, but, even so you still have an unavoidable penalty of x ms per request to get use or don’t use cached. On a domain with say 10K objects that’s adds up to a lot of time and, it seems, ATP or HTTP the only way around that would be to use cache first then check for and replace any changed - probably opening another new can of worms there.

Then there’s issue of it requesting textures for OBJ physics files that shouldn’t be requested - those lead to longer lags as each is a costly request in that it is assured fail.


Make hifi cache it anyway do you have to do what drop[ box tells you , isn’t it your server?

dropbox is a poor choice but its a free choice
shall i put all my domain in the atp? then any visitors wait a month for it to download?

if i go on a paid server then people will log in load everything , wipe their cache repeat jsut to max out my server

how to i put everything on my atp? one at a time or is there an automatic way

lets see how it handles 5 gigs of my rubbish

ok Dropbox doesn’t work atp doesn’t work is about an inch of wiping it all


@leo I moved a bunch of my assets to the atp (running on windows)

for me they work great- i can log out log in clear my cache and it all pops right back
But they don’t seem to be loading well for anyone else .
smokey has been sat in my domain for 5 hours and only sees the assets on github and dropbox
michelle came in and loaded only a couple of atp trees

I understand that I dont need to do any port forwarding or firewall gubbins that it should just work.

can you offer any advice?

my view michelles view , the trees are atp so is the grey ground so they are getting through
the redbrick building is in the atp as is the building were in the door way of with the cobbles


Perhaps your level of detail and graphics hardware is capable of pulling in something complex so far away; whereas perhaps Leckrone’s is not.


michelles got a better graphics card than me and smokeys is the same as mine (gtx970)
the objects in the distance are on the github thingy and load for smokey as do the drop box ones eventually but dont cache


Is there any mention of a failure to download the asset request in Leckrone’s log? Smokey’s?

also, public dropbox caching was already explained to us by ‘b’, from HiFi. Dropbox sends a “no-cache” reply with it or something like that.


neither is here lol
feel free to tp to me and see what you get?


ok kevin tried it and it is working just agonizingly slowly
but once its cached its cached


ATP is anyway weird. when i login on my domain i always end in black world until i rotate around. then ‘poof’ spontanic things apprear.

@judas , if shop is on atp that seems to load not bad for me. Only have the idea that things are missing.