Is a purchased domain hardware dependent?


Hello all,
I got a new computer with Nvidia 970M and 1080p screen resolution and made a successful installation of beta Interface and Sandbox.
I had purchased, little time ago, a Domain called Morrill and setup when was using the old computer. Now, I start developing with this new computer and I realized I can’t teleport to the coordinates where I create an entity Zone with Skybox and a flat plan in the middle. I had adjusted the path from the Place Names page.
I type Morrill in the Address Bar and I go to an empty spacial area with no view of my entities and neither the far view of my home.
I am placing this issue here after search for an answer and ask some people online without success.
I really appreciate to get some help.

Dmitre Raposo (DFox Spitteler )


Is the path you want to go to when you go to Morrill the following:


That’s what is currently set for the path for Morrill


No, your domain name can be moved from system to system. Done it many times.
Your problem is mabye that you not copied the old sandbox files back. Or that you forgot to create or update the domain ID.

It’s something in that corner.


Place names are a symbolic link, just like WEB domain names. A place name resolves to an IP address and a 3D coordinate (and rotation at that coordinate). So, no, pace names are not hardware dependent.

If I go to the place name Morrill I find it disconnected. Copying the address it is:

So yes, I think the problem at this moment is that your domain is not up or maybe not set up to connect to the HF core

Back to not landing where you expect: go to the place you want people to land, then menu Navigate/Copy Path to Clipboard. Paste that path into your place name entry on the HF place name editing WEB page.


Ok guys thank you so much.
I had to go to settings to connect High Fidelity account. For some reason was blue.
The teleport is working well.