Is anyone using a spacemouse for filming in HiFi?


I’m doing more and more filming in HiFi and wondered if anyone else is using the 3Dconnexion space mouses for smoothing out their filming work? I’m looking at getting this one on Amazon. I had the lower end version for years. I also am using that “smoothing script” from HiFi person Kayla which I like a lot


I have the old space pilot I use a lot
I tend not to use the buttons on them so beyond the extra weight there not much between the basic space controller and the one I have


cool Judas - thanks. Yeah I had that old space controller for years - I mainly ended up using it for Google Earth - flying and stuff like that. My video work doesn’t really require it. Does yours allow you to smooth out your filming in HiFi?




It doesn’t work in here anymore it did a few years ago I believe someone is on with ressurecting support


Already got that working: (Do not use, 0.74 100% breaks it)

As this is an unofficial plugin, please use at your own risk. I am pushing for official support and will try to get the PR going, as soon as I finish rebuilding my changes to validate they work.

EDIT: Nevermind, It’s broken. Great…


Thanks Flame and Judas - I’ll keep looking for solutions to smooth out filming in world - the script from Kayla works well - I’m not so keen on using my mouse and keyboard as controllers - as I was thinking some sort of trackball - and a 3D one would be better. I’ll have to wait for a better solution.


Problem solved:


Demo DLL (if you want to try, now friendly in 0.74)