Is HiFi still interested in DJ's?


My friend Meward is a DJ in reallife for a long time
and would like to get some informations,
like if HiFi Staff is still recruiting DJ’s
and if theres any info on the forum (didn’t find any)
about the programms and tools he has to use.
Maybe someone of you knows who we have to talk to Ingame/outgame.

Here a few links showing him doing his thing: 2013, Openair Veddel Gans oder Kranich 2012 Soundcloud Sets

Informations about who we have to talk to and if DJ’s are still being looked for
would be very appreciated. Thank you very much for reading and have a great day!

Myrothas McMillan


Hey there! You can have your friend email me at if they want to ask me any questions. We aren’t actively hiring for any DJ’s at the moment but I would love to connect with them and learn more about them! I worked with all our old DJ’s like Nurse Noise / Phlash / Limbs Akimbo and hope to get something music related going again in the future!