Is it possible (someday) to look from one domain into other ? (verhicle crossing)


Its a bit hard to explain, but this question come up yesterday.
I know as long you run everything on one domnain the land can be hugh, but then your stuck with one domain owner. But for verhicles like planes it would be nice if you can fly seamless from one domain to another domain server. But right now you cannot look from one domain into other domain to see the terrain, and then wehere not talking about the problems how you want tou place domains next to echt other. A bit like sl with sim.

IExample. I run my own domain. step into my plane , take off from my own runway. then fly a bit around. After that i decide to visit a friend that lives on other domain. so i want to fly from my domain to the other one and land on the runway there.

Is this ever possible ? The problem i see is how do you show the terrain from domain server A when your at the edge in domain server B. And so ther emany more problems.


Great thought, Richardus. We’ve discussed this since the beginning. If we can pull it off, we will :smile:


Seconding this; this is a huge issue in opensim and sl; in fact whitecore/aurora came up with var regions in part to fill the need for this.