Is lighting working?


I am trying to add lighting to my sandbox to no avail. I have tried playing with the settings and cannot get it to be light to any degree. I have set the intensity to be very high to try to troubleshoot and have no luck.

Is there a standard setting I should be looking at somewhere?


i turn up falloff to 40 and emission to 5 then take it from there , and ignoire the spotlight for now cos its strange


Setting i use for a spotlight.

Also make sure you place the light entity correct.
make sure the object you want to light is inside the bounding entity light box.


Is there a good overall “natural sun” kind of light or configuration


I learned this from @Judas you can change sun settings etc for the domain or zone in the skybox you use on the domain. You can do that in edit mode and select the sky ox in entities list.

Try that for the sun.


Trying that and am getting some better results. I have this weird result where it goes black if I jump or float, but the ground is lit if I am walking. Any thoughts on the best settings for the skybox>?


Actually, by changing the ambient intensity to 0 it seems to have fixed it where it shines everywhere


Hi @noahglaseruc

Yes, using the Zone ligth setting is the right approach
You can also grab ZOnes with nice skymaps from the market place

The main directional light (sun) is defined there. and the Ambient lighting is also configured there from the Ambient Map or the Sky Map if there is no ambient map (this way you can use an ambient map different for lighting than the sky map).

You have 2 intensities in the Zone Light settings

  • the Key light Intensity which scales the Directional Light contribution.
  • the Ambient Intensity which scales the AMbient light contribution.

THe ambient map is what you see in the specular reflection over glossy materials.
A way to calibrate the intensity you want to use is that when ambient intensity is 1, with a perfect glossy, metallic, white, mirror like surface you should see the exact colors of the ambient map in the reflection (assuming no other source of highlights).

I think a good balance to start with is key light intensity of 1.0 and ambient intensity of .5 and go from there…

About the bug that you mention, i think i m aware of it and actually trying to address it this week.

Let me know if you have more questions,



What’s strange about the spotlight is the focus point of the cone is on the equator of the sphere in my mind it should be the bottom of the cube I suppose it’s neither here or there really it just throws me