Is privacy in VR different from RL?


In RL, and beside my job, I have a couple of very close friends, but I don’t need many social contacts. Maybe it is no easy for me to get in touch with new people. But okay - I am fine with that and I’m feel good, if I know, people are around me.

I am not a big friend of multiplayer online games, that is to fast for me - and also in SL I seldom visited the welcome hubs or met people on discos or so. But it was a good feeling to see ppl on the minimap online somewhere around me.

Sure, I also meet people, so I am not afraid to talk with them :slight_smile:

So, when I am online here in HF, I always be visible for everyone and open the list with the others are online.

But this evening, it was a bit annoying. Three guys, without a nick, jumped beside me (at different times), talked very loud in the mic, made strange noises, one tried to turn me on and made strange compliments, and it seemd, no one had a feeling for privacy. Okay, I am not prudish - but I felt very uncomfortable. Esp, when I was online with the HMD.

Now, I don’t know - going invisible, means also, I will be pretty isolated on my domain…

I don’t know why some people not have a sense for privacy - or do they act in RL the same way?

Don’t understand me wrong, I know, all is new, everyone just want have fun. And it can be, it is just ‘my thing’.


Hi @Skimi!

I want to reach out to you on behalf of High Fidelity and first express that we are extremely sorry that this happened to you on your domain. We strive to make High Fidelity a good and safe experience for all users, no matter where they are in world.

We are actively working on new features to help you avoid situations where you feel uncomfortable. I’ll highlight a couple of steps you can take using the existing feature set, but know that we take the comfort of our users extremely seriously and do not consider this a solved or easily solvable problem.

On our domains we are currently leveraging our existing security/permissions features to keep our domains safe and friendly. This means, for example, banning users who tarnish the experience for others from returning to the domain. If you like, you have the same controls for your Sandbox, which you can access from Settings in the Sandbox menu if you click on the High Fidelity icon in your tray.

In the HUD there is also an Ignore button that will allow you to temporarily hide or more permanently ban avatars (where you have the permission to do so) who are negatively affecting your experience. Currently this puts a clickable overlay above the head of the avatar - we know that this can be hard to use when somebody is encroaching your personal space and this is another thing we are actively working on making easier to use.

You can also, as you have discovered, change who can see where you are when you are in your domain. If you meet users in more public domains that you trust, you could opt to add them to your friends list and then change your visibility settings to be visible to your friends.


I asked this a few times, and do it here again.
How can you ban soemone server side. If you not know the username ?

Hmm to be fair i just checked it, default there;s no user blacklist on the server. WOuld not be suefull anyway if you not know the name.

Yes, i still need to choice between group or list.
But about keep people out some things feel weird incomlete and wrong. Or at leats i still not figured out how to work with that Type of User does not really solve it for my feeling in case you want to keep a single user out.


Hello @b thanks for your detailed reply. Makes me very happy to know, this is nothing which I only imagine - and that you guys are already on that topic. Feels good - thank you!


Another feature that will be available in the next Beta release (this week) - will be a “personal space bubble” – this will all you to create bubble around your avatar. If anyone enters that bubble - they will be muted and made invisible to you, and you will be invisible/muted to them. By default, that bubble will have a 1 meter radius, however you will be able to make that larger if you like. You will have the ability to enable/disable that bubble from the HUD icons.


Any chance we can get the rights to