Is the cache broken?


Things are all loading one at a time, its taking forever
I’m in my own domain this stuff should be cached
anyone else getting this

anyone else notice that grand theft auto 5 all loads at once ¬.¬


It’s for a while slow on your domain, 3799 is loading slow. but your still using dropbox. And i always blame that as bad asset storage. The smaller objects are not going to bad. but the building around it is missing for a while.

Oh it’s a skybox tthis days ?

ADD: intressting, after the skybox did load thing started to appear faster.


I understand a cache to be the entire model stored on my pc somewhere, so not being downloaded every time i log in.
if that’s not the case then that seems dumb…


Not dumb. sure not dumb…

Yes your right, everything from domain need to be in the cache after the first load and visit. But, the devil is playing tricks.