Is the changing of the joint rotation with a script broken?


The sit script don’t work more and my Poseeditor also not.

I have tested now with this easy script:
var rot= {x:0.0, y:0.0, z:0.0};
rot = Quat.safeEulerAngles(MyAvatar.getJointRotation(“LeftUpLeg”));
MyAvatar.setJointData(“LeftUpLeg”, Quat.fromVec3Degrees( rot ));
print("{ rotation: {x:" +rot.x +", y:" +rot.y +", z:" +rot.z +"}}");

And I have gotten the following values always after a new start of the script:

{ rotation: {x:177.3126678466797, y:179.81964111328125, z:5.599170684814453}}
{ rotation: {x:1.9599741101264954, y:-0.19303330779075623, z:5.822996139526367}}
{ rotation: {x:179.3141632080078, y:179.80801391601562, z:6.047231197357178}}
{ rotation: {x:3.958399534225464, y:-0.20857171714305878, z:6.270901679992676}}
{ rotation: {x:-178.68423461914062, y:179.7937469482422, z:6.495168685913086}}
{ rotation: {x:5.956820964813232, y:-0.22102303802967072, z:6.718898773193359}}
{ rotation: {x:-176.6825408935547, y:179.7777862548828, z:6.943051338195801}}

I have read, that the animation system has changed. Maybe there are new functions?