Is the users online window broken?


Is the users on line window broken or intentionally not showing everyone that is online? Two people online (3 with me) seems improbable or seriously embarrassing for the ‘next big thing’.


try going to file load scripts . then type default and load the default scripts


you will find people only show online to their friends


Can you point me to the doc that explains how this works?


its not terribly difficult

show me everyone line or friends online

show me visible to everyone no-one or friends

If you would like to submit additions to the docs, I’m sure the developers would be pleased for your input.
As you can imagine Alpha software is in a constant state of flux so the u.i changes week to week.


I really am amazed that you repeatedly miss the point. I hear and have heard that if you don’t understand something and complain that documentation is lacking then you should write the documentation. Documentation MUST come from someone that actually understands how things SHOULD work. If I have to ask about the functioning of something because It is not obvious how would I write documentation about how it works and why it works that way.


I would think documentation would be completed toward the end of the Beta stage prior to release. I would think that writing it now would be pointless as it is still deep in development.


Especially after they’ve met me, and decided not to be my friend.


Also most of the domains on the directory page dont seem to work. When i go to them they are either using an outdated version of interface and it doesnt work or the domain is just completely empty. Yet these same domains seem to online at all times.

Who buys a domain then never does anything with it but keeps it on all the time?

Is there some guy who has all these domains just running in the background of their PC so that the directory page will look a bit more full?